AIIR Scout

AI Video Analytics Solution

Make the world safe
with AI

Enhance your CCTV with Smart AI

24-hour protection for your facility with intelligent video analysis

Our analytics solution is developed to support facility access management and monitoring with highly efficient and accurate AI technology.

Take action in real-time with proactive notifications and live tracking

Our goal is to provide a monitoring system that enables rapid response when an unusual event happens within the facility through notifications and tracking functions using various attributes of interest.

Experience frictionless journeys even within densely populated environments

Our face recognition is an advanced similarity search system that allows smooth passage when entering and exiting a facility.

AI Video Analytics Solution
for a Safe and Secure Environment

AIIR Scout is a scalable video analytics solution based on AI face recognition and person detection technology. It automatically analyzes live streaming frames/data and identifies individuals and their real-time location within the facility. Using this data, operators can gain insights from the video, receive alerts to prevent potential security threats, and respond immediately to operational functions.

Every Object In the Office Is Identified with AIIR Scout Cameras Do Not Use Facial Recognition
Fallen Person is Detected with AIIR ScoutCameras Cannot Identify Fallen Person

Everything You Need to Enhance Safety

Industry-leading face recognition integrated with person detection

Our integrated technology is a similarity search system that allows the highest in efficiency and accuracy in walking and crowded environments.

Device agnostic portable dashboard

ALCHERA’s device-agnostic solution supports monitoring dashboards on any device, allowing monitoring can be done anywhere.

No additional installation

Our easily expandable, analytics solution is cloud-based, and can be applied to existing edge devices at any time.


Upgrade your Existing Surveillance Cameras with
the Actionable Intelligence

AIIR Scout tracks every user in the facility through surveillance cameras using both an AI engine server and management server. It can also be easily integrated with one of our other solutions, AIIR Pass, for gate interlocking.

AIIR Scout Tracks Every User In the FacilityAIIR Scout Tracks Every User In the Facility
Key Features
AIIR Scout Notification of Unathorized Access
AIIR Scout User Detailed Information Management
    • View the access status in real-time simply by setting the date and location.
    • Check the access log of registered and unregistered users.
    AIIR Scout Notification of Unathorized Access
    • Manage detailed information of registered users with customized attributes.
    AIIR Scout User Detailed Information Management
    • Locate the person or object through detection and continuous tracking.
    • Analyze and define individual patterns within the designated behaviors.
Industry Usage

Total Surveillance Management
Wherever It Is Needed

Total Surveillance Management for Educational Institutions
  • Prevent unauthorized access of designated areas
  • Locate students on each floor of the facility
  • Track down AWOL
  • Check attendance through face recognition
Total Surveillance Management for Hotels and Casinos
  • Monitor the traffic in each area
  • Track unusual behaviors
  • Prevent unauthorized access of designated areas
  • Restrict blocked access
Total Surveillance Management for Shared Offices
  • Provide a visitor log
  • Track unusual behavior
  • Receive notification when unregistered people enter and exit
Total Surveillance Management for Construction Businesses
  • Monitor the individuals in each area
  • Track down AWOL
  • Receive notification when unregistered people enter and exit
  • Track unusual behavior
Total Surveillance Management for Hospitals
  • Monitor individuals for clinical trials
  • Locate patients in a facility
  • Track unusual behavior
  • Receive notification when unregistered people enter and exit


  • [Errors] (APP) I just registered my face but the application is saying that I'm not registered.

    This can happen when you have a standalone device. Please turn off the application and restart it after a few seconds.

  • [Errors] (APP) The door opens even without recognizing a face.

    This is most likely to be a problem with incorrect door settings. Please check your door's safety settings.

  • [Errors] (WEB) I cannot input the entrance/exit time on location management.

    You have to input the time and press Enter key on your keyboard.  If you want to input multiple times, you have to press the Enter key for each time you have input the digits.

  • [Errors] I cannot download the application.

    This is most likely due to a network problem. Please check if your device has a strong connection to the network and try again. If it is not a network problem, please try deleting and re-installing the application.

  • [Guidelines] (APP) I cannot find the icon to access the admin mode.

    The icon for admin mode is hidden so that only admins have access to the page. Please click on the top right corner of the face recognition screen and input your admin password.

  • [Guidelines] What is the access password for the admin mode of the application?

    The password to access the admin page is 210722.